What is black soldier fly and why I should consider farming their larvae?

This is today’s pet and future human food.

Black soldier fly is alive for a six weeks, but can repopulate quickly. Eat food waste. Don’t need water! Doesn’t have mouth or digestive organs. (Can’t bite or spread disease!) They are actually very friendly and you can touch them. Super efficient in small cramped places. They reproduce rapidly, almost 1/1000 aspect ratio. The larvae is 40% protein with calcium and 30% fat, Natural food for ducks, chickens, fish etc. They produce highly efficient fertilizer.

This is the life cycle of the black soldier fly.

So, you can produce 100% natural animal feed and fertilizer out of the organic food waste.

How can I start a BSF farm and what I need?

We design and build custom black soldier fly farms. Larvae processing facilities. Complete management, from sketch to producing. Automatic food processing, heat and moisture level meters, feeding, hatching and harvesting systems.

  1. Plan everything.

Consult with us and learn all possibilities. How much production you need for your livestock or for selling? How much food waste can you gather. What space you have and how many kilograms you can get from it. And how much staff in need to run it?

2. Set up the farm.

We will produce and install all farming units and infrastructure needed according to a planned larvae and fertilizer production. You’ll need separated storage facilities for food waste, fly mating units, eggs incubator, larvae composting harvesters, pupal and fertilizer processing and packaging.

Companies ahead: Bühler Group, Enterra Feed Corp., Unique Biotechnology, AgriProtein Technologies, Entocycle, EnviroFlight…